Jumpstart Your Used Car Department in 2024

Join our FREE Holiday Prospecting Course and pave the way for profitable, sustainable growth on November 21st at 11am EST

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Join our FREE Holiday Prospecting Course and pave the way for profitable, sustainable growth November 21st at 11am EST
Join our FREE Holiday Prospecting Course and pave the way for profitable, sustainable growth November 21st at 11am EST

Join Todd Caputo's Holiday Prospecting Masterclass FREE.

The holiday season isn't just about festive lights and cheer; it's a goldmine for dealerships ready to seize the moment. This year, Todd Caputo – a second-generation dealer who transformed a modest dealership into a used car empire – is opening the vault to his treasure trove of sales strategies. to offer this 4 week fast-track course, coaching, and community for Dealership leaders who are ready to do more than talk. This blueprint is for those ready to grow.

Join us on November 21st at 11am EST for a fun, fast paced workshop.

Why This Workshop Is a Game-Changer:

Todd's Trade Secrets

Benefit from Todd Caputo's decades of experience as he shares the same strategies that propelled his dealership to market dominance.

Holiday-Specific Tactics

Uncover the unique opportunities that the holiday season presents and learn how to convert seasonal foot traffic into profitable sales.

Actionable Tools

Walk away with practical, ready-to-implement tactics that have been refined in the trenches of dealership management.

Run with the Best

Collaborate with industry veterans and peers in an environment fostered by Paul J Daly's community-building expertise

A Personal Invitation from Todd:

"I've lived and breathed the car dealership business my entire life. I love the holiday season and it has always been a critical time for us. I've developed a set of strategies over the years that have consistently delivered results and I'm excited to share these with you in our first week's workshop – completely free. This is one way of giving back to the industry that's been my life's work."

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2024 Success Starts Now

  • First week (Holiday Prospecting) Completely Free
  • Four energizing weekly sessions
  • Live discussion
  • Access to private post-event chat
  • Get the value or your money back

As the calendar turns, there's no better moment to refine your used car department's trajectory than the fresh start of a new year with the Dealership Growth Blueprint. Join 2nd Generation Dealer and trusted industry consultant Todd Caputo as he lays out the practical strategies that are the bedrock of a progressive and profitable used card department in this fast-paced, four-week course.

Weekly USED CAR 

Each week will include an education section, group discussion, and special resource-aid for you to take-away and share with your team.

Week One: Holiday Prospecting Masterclass (Complimentary!)

Date: November 21st, 2023
Focus: Capitalize on holiday sales opportunities and set the stage for a prosperous new year.

Week Two: Airtight Appraisal Processes

Date: November 28th, 2023
Focus: Enhance customer satisfaction and profitability with our step-by-step guide to faster and more accurate appraisals.

Week Three: Used Car Acquisition Strategies

Date: December 5th, 2023
Focus: Master a systematic approach to transform your dealership into a used car buying powerhouse.

Week Four: Used Car Reconditioning

Date: December 12th, 2023
Focus: Optimize your reconditioning process to increase vehicle value and customer appeal.

Meet The Blueprinters

Todd Caputo image

Todd Caputo

A second generation Dealer who scaled a small Chevy store and built a market dominating used car brand by focusing on operations, used car acquisition, and marketing. After 2 years with Sonic following his groups acquisition, Todd has turned his focus to helping motivated dealers unlock profit through practical implementation.

More About Todd
Paul J Daly image

Paul J Daly

A 20 year automotive entrepreneur who has advised and worked with top Dealers, publics, and brand experts like Simon Sinek. Paul is also the founder of Brand Marketing Agency Congruent and the Automotive State of the Union.

More About Paul

Learn Today, Implement Tomorrow

Todd will open up his proven blueprint to guide course members through practical, real-world operational enhancements that can be implemented immediately.

Holiday Prospecting

Airtight Appraisals

Used Car Acquisition Strategies

Used Car Reconditioning

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group video session

Small Time Investment,
Big-Time ROI

Participate in one fast-paced live group video session per week where Todd, Paul and other experts will guide you through comprehensive growth blueprint topics and materials. Alongside these engaging sessions, you'll receive exclusive access to valuable resources such as premade checklists, templates, and industry-specific tools designed to help you quickly implement new strategies and drive sales.

Weekly live virtual sessions

Expert guidance through blueprint

Immediate access to implementation resources

Ask questions, get answers

Get private group access

The weekly sessions are just the on ramp for course members. Everyone knows the real work is in the execution. This is why you will get direct access to Todd, Paul, and your fellow Blueprint practitioners in a private Discord group where you can ask questions, share solutions, and move fast.

Private and direct access via Discord

Ask questions and share progress

Expand on best practices

Build relationships with strong operators

discord app

Get results or get your money back.

We’re so confident your time and money invested in this course will have you printing green, that if you don’t see the ROI value after 3 sessions, we’ll give you your money back.

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all 4 weeks
Weekly live group sessions (recordings available)
Access to worksheets and implementation resources
Private access to group Discord
Connection to community of operators
Expert Blueprint guidance
Don’t see the ROI value after 3 sessions? We’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.
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Who should take the course?

This course is specifically designed for Dealers and Managers who are serious about making incremental and immediate changes toward profitable and sustainable growth in their dealership. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding leader, this Blueprint is for those ready to take action.

When will the sessions take place?

The weekly live group sessions will be conducted at a regularly scheduled weekly time that suits the majority of course participants. No sessions on the last day of the month, we promise. You'll receive the session timings well in advance to plan your participation accordingly.

What will the sessions consist of?

Each session is a fast-paced, live group video session led by Todd Caputo, Paul J Daly, and other industry experts. You'll dive into comprehensive growth blueprint topics and receive expert guidance, practical insights, and real-world strategies that you can immediately implement in your dealership operations as we walk through tactics and the handout resources and worksheets. There will be plenty of time to discuss your specific questions and situations.

What is ‘Discord’ and how will I use it?

Discord is a private and direct messaging platform (like Slack) where you'll have exclusive access to a dedicated group for course participants. Through Discord, you can ask questions, share progress, discuss best practices, and connect with Todd, Paul, and other like-minded practitioners. It's a collaborative space to get answers, share your situation, and build relationships with strong operators in the industry that will far surpass your time in the course.

Does this give me one on one access to Todd and Paul?

While the course primarily consists of live group sessions and access to the private Discord group, you'll have opportunities to interact with Todd, Paul, and your fellow Blueprint practitioners. They'll be available to answer questions, provide guidance, and share their expertise via the Discord group communication channels.

What happens after the eight weeks?

The eight-week course is designed to provide you with a powerful blueprint for dealership growth. After completing the course, you'll have access to all the worksheets and implementation resources, allowing you to continue applying the strategies and principles learned at your own pace. Plus, you'll remain connected to the community of operators, fostering ongoing learning and support. There will be an option to continue participating in the private Discord group for a monthly fee.

Can I have multiple people on the session call?

The pace of the sessions is fast and our primary focus will be on the course member. We encourage you to find a quiet place to be fully engaged in the session to ask individual questions and help your fellow members. Given the confidential nature of what some others may share, we ask that you be in a discreet environment or wear headphones during the session.

Is there a discount if I want more than one person from my dealership involved?

Yes, we offer special discounts for multiple participants from the same dealership. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore the available discounts tailored to your dealership's requirements.

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